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The promising beat of a drum signals the start of Spring Summer and the sleeping world coming alive. Our Nomadic Traveller trend urges you to embrace mother earth as Aztec beading, tassels and tribal stitching come to the fore. Opulent tasselled sandals embellished with buttercup yellow and peacock blue beads are but a few of the things to expect from Nomadic Traveller. Walk tall in woven mules in dusty summer palettes or rich vibrant berry coloured feathers on delicate t bars. Adorn your ankles in precious stones, with earthy hues of moss and bronze on floral print silk adding varied textures. Dance to the beat of a different drum this season.Shop all Nomadic TravellerShop all New Collection
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Of course, the problem with pink pumps is that sometimes they can look a little too sweetheart, a little too prom like. I think the delicate shade saves this pair from that, but what do you think There's a passage in White Oleander where both Magnusson women make fun of pink pumps; Astrid says they make her look and feel like a Disney character. Do you agree Christian Dior's Snake Print Leather Pumps, $590 at Saks.
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I'm sure it was purely coincidence that both the Jimmy Choo Nexus Snakeskin and Lace Sandals (left) and the Valentino Studded Lace Pumps (right) both showed up on Net a Porter's new arrivals page on the same day,toms outlet online, but their timely advents made it impossible for me to not compare them. I know which one I like better; do you?Although the Jimmy Choo option tried to reel me in with exotic skin, and despite the fact that I'm generally a bit bored with Valentino's lace bows studs gimmick, I can't help but choose the Valentino pumps. The shape and material are so staunchly ladylike that the studs on the patent trim are an actual surprise, and the bow doesn't seem out of place on this design like it does on many of the bow decked Valentino pieces I've seen in the past couple of months. Both options seem overly expensive for what you get, but I guess that could be said of most of the shoes we feature here. Buy the Choos via Net a Porter for $129Buy the Valentinos via Net a Porter for $99
    After performing at the Etam Live Lingerie Show, Rita Ora headed to the airport in a decidedly relaxed look. The singer rocked a $219 Pyrex Religion T-Shirt and $59 Asos Comic Print Sweatpants for her travels.Her white T-shirt boasts a religious motif.Her sweatpants feature a bold comic print,michael kors handbags outlet, drawstring waist, and pockets at the hips.Hmm Rita, Im rooting for you, I really am. But those shoes, honey? That put it over the top for me. On a positive note, the makeup and hair is cute!What do you think?~Clich��Images: Zimbio
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