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Yves Thibaudet plays arts fete for Henry Segerstrom
Pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet will be inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame (along with Donna Summer and the Carpenters) at Friday Bowl season-opening concert, but as a warm-up on Wednesday,nike dunk heels, the honoree-in-waiting helped do the honors for another arts figure, philanthropist Henry Segerstrom.
The venue was a little off the beaten musical path: the Louis Vuitton store at South Coast Plaza in isabel marant sale cheap mulberry bags Costa Mesa, the high-end shopping center that cheap soccer shoes Segerstrom owns with his family across the street from the Orange County Performing Arts Center and South Coast Repertory,soccer cleats, the foci of their arts patronage.
Segerstrom,nike mercurial vapor, 87, received Carnegie Hall annual Medal of Excellence for arts philanthropy on June 7 in New York City,adidas soccer cleats, along with a proclamation from Mayor Michael Bloomberg designating the day as "Segerstrom Center for the Arts Day" in Gotham. The dinner thrown by Louis Vuitton in Costa Mesa gave Orange County locals who couldn make it to the soccer cleats Carnegie gala at the Waldorf Astoria a chance to savor the occasion.
Among those attending were David Emmes, producing artistic director of South Coast Repertory,adidas soccer shoes, which benefited from Segerstrom first mulberry bags ebay big arts gifts of land and cash in the late 1970s, and Dean Corey,cheap nike heels, president of the Philharmonic Society of Orange County,soccer shoes online, which has taken the lead in forging an unusual bicoastal partnership with Carnegie Hall that debuted with last year Carnegie-organized "Ancient Paths, Modern Voices" Chinese cultural nike air max 90 cheap festival and will continue in October with air max 90 the JapanNYC and JapanOC festivals.
Trial lawyer Wylie Aitken, the South Coast Repertory board president whom Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently appointed to the California Arts Council,buy jordan heels, was on hand too. With displays of luxury handbags and shoes mounted on one wall,air jordan heels, and a montage of 20th century photos of Segerstrom and 19th century photos of the original Louis Vuitton in his luggage factory on another, Thibaudet began with two Chopin nocturnes, continued with Eric Satie first "Gymnopedie," and finished with an unpublished, lushly romantic composition that Thibaudet friend, the late Russian American pianist Shura Cherkassky, had written when he was 14. As for the East Coast-meets-West Coast benefit gala honoring Segerstrom in New York, which featured a performance by mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves and drew a bevy of fancy air max 97 retailers as sponsors, Carnegie Hall says buy celine bags it raised $1.5 million for its artistic and educational programs.
"There been a great spirit here tonight,cheap soccer cleats," Segerstrom said, thanking guests and the evening host, Charles Delapalme, Louis Vuitton senior vice president for the western region. Then, with a grin, Segerstrom jordans for sale quipped that, for an encore, "you all going to have a shopping spree" on Louis Vuitton.
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