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Online game fatigue system

    • Background
    • Objective
    • System
    • meaning
  Background Edit this paragraph back catalog
2004 since February , Press and Publication Administration in conjunction with relevant ministries to take a series of positive and effective measures in the field of Internet publishing in-depth implementation of the " CPC Central Committee and State Council on Further Strengthening and Improving ideological and moral construction of a number of views . " To promote the healthy development of the online gaming industry , in the online game publishing business activities beneficial to protect the legitimate interests of minors ,Cheap Ray Bans, Press and Publication Administration requires companies to install online games " online game fatigue system ." " Fatigue system " appeared online in the industry caused a huge reaction . Edit this paragraph back catalog

online game fatigue system is designed to prevent minors from long game.
System Edit this paragraph back catalog
online game fatigue system contains three systems , namely the user real-name registration system,Ray Ban Sunglasses, the public security department verify the system and parents inquiry system. Future network real-name system will be implemented in the game , the player must use the login ID number registry. Meanwhile, operators will be initially determined for adults regularly identity verification information submitted public security departments to confirm whether the player is a minor. If the validation results show that the player is a minor,Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, will be incorporated into anti-addiction system .

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anti-addiction system will to some extent affect users online longer,Ray Ban Sunglasses, but not on the current domestic online games market competition have a big impact . And the introduction of the system will guide young people to develop good surfing habits,Oakley Sunglasses, have far-reaching significance.

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