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Knowing how to properly store your Romeo y Julieta Cuban cigars is definitely important. Its proper storage will guarantee a certified cigar aficionado or even someone who just got into cigar smoking that they remain fresh and in prime condition. Of equal importance is the fact that cigars improve and mellow with age. When properly stored, these cigars burn more evenly coupled with a smoother taste. Otherwise, they accumulate folds or can crumble. It is therefore necessary to know how to  detox studio beats store your cigars to keep them in prime quality for an extended period of time. Invest in a HumidorWhen you‘ve already spent a good amount of money on high quality cigars like Romeo y Julieta Churchill, investing in a reliable storage is important. Try to look for  low price beats by dre a dependable humidor to ensure that your cigars will never lose their flavor. Choose one that is lined with unfinished Spanish cedar. It should be able to hold twice as much cigar than what you are planning to store. You should  beats by dre a also check for its air-tightness by allowing the lid to fall close. A good humidor usually produces a ‘whoosh’ sound. It can keep the air moist thus making sure optimal storage for your cigars. Put Some CautionJust before you place your cigars, be sure to wipe the entire interior wood surface with a clean sponge drenched in distilled water. You also have to put a shallow dish of distilled water underneath the humidor. Then place a humidifier filled with distilled water inside the lid. Close the lid and let it stay for 24 hours. After this period, open the humidor and repeat the process of refilling and letting the humidifier stay for another 24 hours. You can  dre head phones now remove the water dish and add the Romeo y Julieta Cuban cigars. This process further ensures that your cigars remain moist.  Less Expensive  dr dre beats justin bieber OptionIf you can’t pay for a humidor, there are affordable homemade options that you can have. Try to utilize  beats by dre skins a plastic bag or container. This alternative may not keep the cigar’s freshness as long as the humidor but it can do trick for quite some time. Look for a container that is capable of holding all your cigars while they are laying flat. Wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water then let it dry completely. Place your Romeo y Julieta Churchill cigars. Be certain that the container is air-tight and completely closed. This way you are guaranteed that the cigars keep their original flavor. Frequently check the container’s humidity. Make sure that it is not too humid as they may no longer light or is not humid enough as this can cause the cigars to crack. Cigars of Habanos offer the verity of Cigars online such as Romeo y Julieta Churchill and Cuban cigars with quality on very affordable price. Get more advantage and more discount on buying online from
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